Thursday, 15 December 2016

Combating Software And Hardware Piracy

What is piracy?The unauthorized use or reproduction of someones work is piracy.Software piracy is the illegal distribution,copying or use of an unlicensed software.Now it is such a profitable business in this world.It has mainly caught the attention of organized crime groups in
many parts of the world.While on the other side of the coin hardware piracy is also increasing.Hardware piracy deals with usage of sub-standard,refurbished and used components in a new PC rather than putting licensed components.This piracy ranges from  microchips to motherboards.

Most important point of piracy is that it is impossible to stop piracy.It is not possible to check every system whether the software or hardware used is pirated or not in every companies.There are many organizations that are working hard to prevent piracy.BSA is the leading advocate for global software industry before governments and and in the international market place.Their members are among world's most innovative companies to improve modern life.BSA offers a software management guide and GASP which is a set of programs that will help to identify whether the installed program is pirated or not.

Even though it is said that piracy cannot be stopped there is also another
way of stopping it called prevention.There are many ways in which piracy can be prevented.The companies creating software should create a clear software policy statement and a copy of the policy statement should be given to the employees.The employees should be made to sign an anti-piracy agreement which specifies the penalty for pirate activities.Unannounced audits should be performed.Know all the permissions that the licenses allow and identify which are permitted and not permitted for the employee and delete any illegal software.

So the only way in which piracy can be stopped is through the people.No machine can decide whom we can trust and whom not.The people has to decide whether to use pirated software or not.
Just because its free does not mean its safe.


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